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About Me
Here For
A Long Term Relationship

Off grid, organic homesteading, gardening, nature walks, building, fishing and sustainability.

Favorite Music
Classic rock and country.

Favorite Books
Of mice and men and the Great Gatsby

Favorite Quotations
The difference between a winner and loser is that a winner gets up one more time and they are knocked down.

General About Me
I have been living off grid for 9 years and loving it. I am well versed in solar power and use it to have the modern conveniences that I want. I enjoy raising farm animals and gardening. I like to go out to a movie and a nice restaurant once in a while but I prefer being at home and enjoying my lifestyle.

Body Type I know looks aren't suppose to matter, but to some people they do. So please discribe in your own word?
Average build but strong.

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How did you hear about OffGridDating.com
internet search

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